Stag Tickets

$22.00 USD


Description + Details

Whether in NW PA, Western NY, Canada, small towns, or elsewhere, these stag tickets provide personalized pre-sale admission for your event. There are various local names for such parties (e.g. Jack and Jill, Stag & Doe, Buck 'N' Doe). Stag parties are a large, less formal, pre-wedding celebrations open to everyone with lots of food, drinks, and games. Essentially, it's a fundraising-type event to help you offset the cost of the wedding or honeymoon. 


There are many other names and fun grammar and punctuation variations for these parties depending on your region --Jack and Jill, Jack N' Jill, Stag and Doe, Stag & Doe, Buck and Doe, Buck 'N' Doe, or simply a Stag.


Tickets print in black ink with over 12 paper color choices. Personalization options include: graphic, name, draw date, sale price. Hints given during ordering.


Pair with Beyond Paper & Ink's personalized 50/50 tickets for coordinating tickets.