Stag Tickets

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Whether you're from NW PA, Western NY, Canada, a small town, or other areas where these parties are a typical celebration, these stag tickets will serve as the perfect, personalized pre-sale admission tickets for your event. 


There are many other names and fun grammar and punctuation variations for these parties depending on your region --Jack and Jill, Jack N' Jill, Stag and Doe, Stag & Doe, Buck and Doe, Buck 'N' Doe, or simply a Stag.


Stag parties are essentially large community parties thrown before the wedding. They are co-ed events that allow for a less formal party before the big day that involves lots of food, "beverages," and games! 50/50 tickets are also often sold and raffled off too. It's a fundraising-type event to help the couple offset the cost of the wedding or honeymoon. 


All tickets print in black ink and are available in over 12 paper color options. 


Personalize the tickets during the ordering process with your choice of graphic, name, drawing date, and the sale price of the ticket. Hints are provided as you fill out the options.